I think it’s time to slow things down…

So, at the convention over the weekend, I missed an awesome thing called a “re-entry plan,” which is basically a week-long taper from an event.

I’ve experienced this with work- and non-work-related events: a kind of let-down after meeting a ton of cool people with the same interests and different ideas, hanging out into the wee hours (srsly, I am too old for this), and learning about a month’s worth of stuff in a couple of days.

I am going to share the highlights of my current re-entry plan from last weekend:

  1. a lot of personal growth work: calling support people; meeting with people for fellowship; going to meetings; etc.
  2. working shorter hours, because, honestly, I need to assimilate what I learned; this also involved prioritizing, which is great practice for me– what am I cutting out if I work five hours instead of seven? Is that stuff I really need to do?
  3. drumming, yoga, dancing, Rock Band (II!), swimming, farmer’s market, going outside, etc.– to get into my physical body
  4. relatedly, really paying attention to my physical needs for water, naps, food, etc.– staying up late and working longer hours during a conference makes me really susceptible to illness and allergies, so I redouble my self-care efforts
  5. cutting back on the social media, particularly late at night– I don’t know why this makes me tired, but it does, and I respect that
  6. less less less — when in doubt, I reschedule instead of trying to add in “one more thing”

Slow and low....

Slow and low....

There’s other stuff, too, just doing things that bring me joy, whatever they are. (Like right now, “Root Down” by Beastie Boys.) And recognizing that at some point soon I’m going to be back up to speed.


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