Fresh Goes Better!

(As I can’t link in the title, afaict, here’s this (warning: audio, also in German)

I haven’t had the greatest week. My awesome cat, Sparky, aka Sparkles, Parky, Samantha Parkington, Parkles, Sparkleton Pie, etc. (she’s got quite the criminal career, actually) awakened me at dawn this AM. By knocking books out of our library bookshelf (i.e., the bookshelf which houses an overflowing three shelves of books my fiancée has checked out + the books we’ve borrowed from others.) Awake as I watched the room filling with light, I realized I am feeling pretty miserable. There’s a lot of stuff going on — family stuff, neighborhood crime, a very sick family friend — but the background noise to all of this, for me, is my continued unemployment.


Unemployment has been good for me. I am: learning a lot about myself; clarifying my career goals; finding the time and energy to go deep into personal issues and also to learn to play drums; doing laundry during the daytime (in fact, I originally blogged this on the papernet while washing clothes).

OTOH, I am: feeling sad about not working; not practicing my work skillz; not “advancing my career” (to my eye– I think it remains to be seen).

I am planning to go back to school, either this fall or next (ojalá). How do I stay competitive here?

Here’s a list I made (during Guiding Light— apparently, this lady gave up her baby to these people who had forced her hand and, also, a nun gave some other lady shocking news, which, if true, could hurt a lot of people!!!) of things I could do to keep up in my chosen field:

  • become an expert in some aspect of library and information science– brainstorm topics– it’s like a science proect, right? YAY!
  • write paper on said topic
  • get it published
  • join professional organizations– research– volunteer — join committees– go to conferences
  • work with a mentor– look for ppl whose work I admire and contact them
  • compsci courses and self-education
  • when I go back to school, intern
  • read academic papers on subjects that interest me
  • get techy library job
  • interview [former colleague, SysAdmin of the library where I worked] about what she is doing/what she does
  • research what kind of programming and archival tools awesome companies I love use for their databases
  • volunteer
  • listen to and follow intuition
  • Making a Literary Life-type exercises, only with techy ppl I admire (the book is by Carolyn See
  • do more creative work, unrelated to “career,” to feed my soul and keep my mind fresh

I’ve got an awesome to-do list for next week (and beyond) that I think will help me build some momentum.

Do readers have any other things they’ve tried/’re trying?


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