Here’s What I Used the Internet for Today

Watched music videos
Chatted with fiancee, while she was at work
Found two jobs to apply to on craigslist
Glanced at blogs by each member of Fall Out Boy
Picked out a bunch of clothes on clearance at Hot Topic, that I may or may not purchase and have delivered to my home
Learned about Mango Languages, available to all Alameda County residents!!
Listened to streaming radio on Pandora (warning: audio), which deserves (and shall get) its own post
Read e-mails from my drum teacher and watched attached instructional videos summarizing what we did at yesterday’s lesson
Watched the first 30 seconds of disturbing Burger King ad, featuring Spongebob Squarepants (warning: audio, disturbing imagery, the Burger King)
Found out who played Lestat in Queen of the Damned and furthermore, when said film came out (2002)

What the hell did people do before this? (I’m guessing they didn’t care enough to go to the video store to find out Stuart Townsend’s name.)


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  1. […] been thinking about my last post, and I am seriously asking myself what I did before the internet existed. And I realize that what I […]

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