Please do not revoke my library card!

Berkeley Public Library sent me a bill! Apparently I had hidden a book from myself in a bag on the closet door, returned everything else, and brushed my hands off all comedic-style, like, there we go! Patrons of the Berkeley Public Library System, I am sorry for keeping Career Guide to America’s Top Industries (331.702 C18a 2004) past its due date. You will note it is now “Recently Returned”!

Two things I learned:
1) I am an imperfect library patron;
2) Libraries are a “top industry,” on account of the number of librarians and library paraprofessionals retiring or about to retire.

I fell into cataloging in my (very) early twenties. I thought, I’ll just do this for a while and earn my degree. (I worked at a college and got tuition remission.) Nine years later, I was, like, wait, am I still doing this? I took a palate-cleansing break, working on an organic farm in Maine and then taking care of animals at a small local theme park.

Awesome donkeys I used to take care of!

Awesome donkeys I used to take care of!

And now? Well, I guess I am still doing this. I applied to library school for the fall, and I am applying like mad to library and library-adjacent jobs. I have had some time and space to think more about libraries and the future of information.

Thoughts which I will share anon…

To tide you over: a vision from the future of librarianship (as underwritten by IBM)


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